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White-collar crimes

white collar charges in Arizona

Unlike other crimes, white-collar crimes are within the business space. A white collar crime has to do with illegal financial gain, unlike other violent or drug-related crimes. However, the consequences of a charge are as serious as fines, prison time, and repercussions that affect your career. Don’t fight alone! Speak with an experienced white collar crime defense attorney to help you with white collar charges.

Money laundering

money laundering is considered a serious crime in the state of Arizona. There are different degrees of money laundering charges.

3rd Degree Money Laundering Charge: (class 6 felony) 2-5 years in prison

2nd Degree Money Laundering Charge:( class 3 felony) 8-25 years in prison

1st degree money laundering charge: (class 2 felony) 12- 35 years in prison


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